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Katy Bradbury

Katy has led and worked in SMEs in the creative sector for over 20 years, so she knows the pressures of entrepreneurial, fast-paced, and high-stakes environments inside out. She spent 16 years as a director and co-owner of a communications and events agency where she worked at board level with FTSE100 clients.


Now, she weaves this personal experience into her coaching, helping founders and their teams to flourish in demanding situations. She brings her commercial experience and awareness of multiple sectors from finance to telco to retail, into her work as a coach with leaders of start-up and scale-up businesses.  She knows what it takes to help them grow and thrive. Her collaborative coaching style is reflective and challenging, encouraging leaders to connect with their values and create teams built on cooperation, trust, and healthy challenge.


Katy lives with her family in the UK and, when she’s not hanging out with her three daughters, can often be found open-water swimming or skiing, depending on the season. 

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