We set up VC Talent Lab to:

provide your investees with a genuine competitive advantage 

optimise founder performance to create value in your fund 

improve investor investee relationships 

help your entrepreneurs grow leadership and management excellence 

support stressed or under-performing founders and their teams 

"We pride ourselves on making good investments. Kevin has helped us anticipate the human leadership challenges in our companies and resolve them before they become critical."


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Investors tell us they often face significant challenges:

  • working with underperforming leaders who lack nuanced entrepreneurial or leadership skill

  • managing personalities, egos and conflicts

  • maintaining high performance and full engagement from leadership teams

  • mediating investor investee relationships

  • supporting stressed and burned-out leadership teams.

The damage these problems cause to investees, companies and eventually, fund performance are obvious. 


Yet these are problems which can, in many cases, be prevented or solved by expert, early-stage intervention.

This is backed up by a recent post-mortem analysis of VC-backed failures which showed that five of the top 20 reasons for failure were solvable problems of human capital:

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Team performance

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Loss of focus

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Burn out

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Disharmony among team / investors

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Lack of passion

Source: CBInsights.com


"Rachel's counsel has been invaluable as I've built Circulate Capital. She regularly helps me and my global leadership team diagnose and deploy strategies to overcome personal and business blocks to success"



How We Work

Effective founder coaching requires a different set of skills and language than traditional executive coaching. We bring together 20 years of founder coaching with 20 years of executive coaching.  We understand how founders and their stakeholders think and we work with them in a way they understand and value.

We offer a range of bespoke solutions for VCs ranging from Enzyme, our full-service, embedded model, to a suite of offers for more targeted situations.

"Invaluable in getting your thinking razor-sharp."