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What does your business need from you?

As seen on Just Entrepreneurs

Summary: Guidance for founders on how to master their mind and energy to ensure success in scaling their business, including tips on identifying and hacking ego needs and negative beliefs, and using the three energy tanks and stress-o-meter frameworks to manage stress and overwhelm.

This article emphasizes the importance of scaling leadership as a company grows and provides practical guidance for founders on how to adapt their leadership style to meet the evolving needs of the business. Learn more about the unique leadership needs of each stage of growth, including start-up, scale-up, and grown-up. Successful founders are those who can cycle between different ways of thinking and behaving, develop adaptable leadership skills, and know when to deploy them.

Founders must understand the stage of growth their business is in to understand what the business needs from you as a leader. Read the benefits of retaining founders as leaders and the risks of failing to scale leadership, including burnout, loss of focus, and failure to attract and retain the right team.


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