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Rachel Turner

Co-founder and Principal
The Founder's Survival Guide

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Rachel founded five companies before her 25th birthday, before retraining in psychology and launching her first coaching practice in 1999. After 20 years spent refining her skills, she co-founded VC Talent Lab in August 2020.


As our resident ‘Founder Whisperer’ and author of The Founder’s Survival Guide, Rachel’s extensive experience as a transformative coach and consultant helps founders and entrepreneurs to cultivate healthy and thriving businesses. She is trusted globally as a provider of exceptional coaching initiatives for individuals and large organisations.


Rachel’s coaching style draws on her understanding of the entrepreneurial mindset and psychology; her superpower is helping her clients scale themselves and break their own glass ceilings to grow their businesses.


She is married to her teenage sweetheart, Francesco, and splits her time between their homes in the Sussex countryside and central London. 

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