We are specialists at working with ambitious founders in VC-backed environments.

We offer a bespoke leadership advisory and coaching service. To give you a sense of our offer, please take a look some of our core programs below. The first step is always a conversation, an opportunity to explore what’s right for you.


"I can directly attribute bottom-line growth to the work Rachel has done with me."



Portfolio Leadership Scan

We work with your partner team to analyse how founders in your portfolio will be challenged over the next 12 months.


Our goal is to explore where your founders are exposed before it becomes critical, enabling early action.
We identify, (i) green, no issue anticipated, (ii) amber, significant challenges expected in the next six months, (iii) red, immediate problems evident.


From this, we advise on interventions to address amber & red issues.


Founder Scale Program

A six-month intensive program for founders who need to scale fast or who are in crisis. The program is bespoke to the individual and challenge but may include:

  • detailed diagnostics - psychometric assessment and stakeholder interviews

  • leadership whitespace offsite

  • face to face and/or VC coaching

  • full-access coaching support outside of scheduled sessions


Leadership Health Check

Our one-month leadership diagnostic provides you and/or your investees with critical data about the strengths and vulnerabilities of leadership within an organisation.


The diagnostic process can focus on an individual leader or a leadership team and includes detailed psychometrics and stakeholder interviews. Our detailed debrief includes leadership and/or team development recommendations to solve against any identified challenges.

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Team Scale Program

A six-month development program for leadership teams who need to shift to high performance fast. Programs are bespoke to the needs of each team but normally include:

  • detailed diagnostics - team psychometric assessment and stakeholder interviews

  • two-day team development offsite

  • six-month team coaching

  • shadowed team sessions

  • unlimited ad-hoc support for the team and leader

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"The difference in our team has been phenomenal. The transformation is remarkable and very quickly turned into bottom-line results."