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Who we are

Effective founder and scale-up coaching requires a different set of skills and language than traditional executive coaching. Our team comprises coaches, mentors and advisors who combine high levels of coaching expertise with lived experience in the start-up, scale-up and investment worlds. 

We count among our team former founders, COOs and tech leaders as well as vastly experienced entrepreneur and team coaches. We understand how founders and their stakeholders think, and we work with them in a way they understand and value.


We have a deep affection for founders and the unique combination of skill, mindset and motivation that makes someone want to start their own business. We also have a profound understanding of the challenges founders, and their teams, face as they attempt to scale.

We have coached over 1000 founders and/or their teams.



Co-founders & Principals

A 3_4 Length.jpg

"Founder Whisperer" with 20+ years experience coaching founders and entrepreneurs to build healthy and thriving businesses.

Rachel Turner


Former senior global tech leader. 19 years of experience as a specialist CEO, executive and founder coach. 

Kevin Greenleaves



VM Close UP.jpg

A coach, mentor and former scale-up CEO and COO. 15+ years experience as an operator and/or coach in the invested start-up space.

Vincent Murphy

KB 3_4 Length.jpg

A highly experienced international coach, trainer and people developer with former experience as an SME co-owner and COO.

Katy Bradbury

PM 3_4 Length.jpg

A seasoned executive coach and business psychologist. Former CEO with 25+ years experience navigating growth and change.

Penny Moyle

DW 3_4 Length.jpg

A mentor, consultant and innovator with 25+ years experience as a founder and advisor. Former founder and CEO of a global consultancy, Happen (acquired by Accenture).

David Walker

UM 3_4 Length.jpg

A world-class executive coach, trainer and facilitator, specialising in coaching on resilience and effectiveness.

Una Murphy

AW USE THIS Full Length.jpg

An executive coach specialising in communication, with a 20-year career mentoring filmmakers and now founders.

Alesia Weston

JA 3_4 Length.jpg

An executive coach with 25 years of experience in business as a founder, investor, advisor and NED. Specialist in success building via wellbeing.

James Axtell


A world-class organisation development consultant, facilitator and coach specialising in leadership development and team effectiveness.

Vanessa Williams

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