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Ben Jones

Ben is a founder-turned-coach who grew his Berlin-based neobank from three people and a dog to over 130 employees, raising $70m in funding. Founders love working with Ben because “he’s done it,” and he’s been coaching Seed to Series B+ startups for over three years.


Having lived the highs and the lows of being a founder, Ben coaches across a range of challenges, from burnout to boardrooms. His superpowers revolve around culture, vision and strategy, and co-founder relations. Ben blends coaching and mentorship and isn’t afraid of sharing his opinion and experience when relevant. His method is to co-create a prioritised map of all of the growth areas and forge a clear definition of what success looks like.


Ben is a digital nomad who’s lived and travelled all over the world. He speaks seven languages and spends his time between Lisbon and London.

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