Traditionally, VCs have paid a lot of attention to the proposition, the tech, the finances, the distribution, but little to the senior leadership talent in their investments. Yet, leadership issues are a major distraction to VCs and often a significant factor preventing successful scale-up.

Our belief is that leadership talent needs to take centre-stage in any VC ecosystem. VCs need to understand the leadership exposure in their investments and founders benefit from expert guidance to evolve quickly and successfully lead their businesses. 

We built VC Talent Lab with this in mind. Our focused and scientific approach delivers outstanding performance.


"Having Rachel walk alongside me ensures that I always stay at the top of my game."


The Challenge of Scaling Leadership

At various times, the business needs the founder to switch from entrepreneur to manager to leader. 

These are three seemingly contradictory leadership styles, and few founders are naturally competent at all three. In fact, the traits and abilities that ensure success at one stage, are often the root cause of failure at the next. We work with founders to help them identify how far they can evolve their leadership style to meet the needs of their growing business and when they will need to delegate or step away. 

We bring an intimate understanding of these three phases of business, and the styles of leadership founders will need to develop to be effective in each.

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Value for Founders and Teams

Our coaching is designed to provide  founders and their teams with a genuine competitive advantage, as well as significant business and personal benefits including:

  • robust physical and psychological well-being

  • improved investor and stakeholder relations

  • strong team performance and culture

  • enhanced leadership presence, gravitas and impact

  • peak leadership effectiveness

Value for Investors

Alongside reducing the risk of human capital related company failure, coaching provides further specific benefits for investors which include:


  • improved investee performance

  • enhanced investee relations

  • reduction in time spent managing under-performing investees 

  • competitive fund performance


"Your ideal partner for realising your best self, your full leadership potential and your impact on the world."