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Carrie Mathieson

Carrie is a leadership and group coach, facilitator and performance improvement expert. Partnering with organisations and business leaders to transform their ways of working and hone their people practices, she helps them build stronger, more effective teams leading to sustainable performance results.


With more than 25 years people-centred experience, Carrie brings a deep knowledge of transformation within start-ups, turnaround scenarios and scale-ups. Driving high performance within teams, her leadership development & group coaching skills help teams become more than the sum of their individual parts.


Carrie’s superpower is change. She gets it and builds leadership skills and pragmatic processes to deliver high performance within teams. Working with clients across multiple sectors from the gaming industry to prestige cars, to beer, Carrie works hand in glove with her clients to help deliver the solutions fit for their unique needs.


Carrie through another lens will see her painting and shooting in either rural Derbyshire or Montenegro, where she lives.

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